Jidoka is a lean concept. The translation of Jidoka is

We strongly believe that feedback loops are key to realise quality software and to achieve customer satisfaction. Software creation follows an empirical process that must be tailored to your organisations needs & culture. During development, we often do not realise how much time (and money) is wasted. Waste is introduced because we don't gather clear specifications, start building software on a poor design or we do not show the real progress on a very regular basis to the customer. Just because the waste is partially hidden doesn't mean it is without cost. Therefore we'll create several checkpoints in our processes to determine if what we're producing is really what our customers are looking for.

Mission statement: “Our mission is to transform industry leading technologies by creating solutions that are intuitive and built around people and for people. No longer will we tolerate people adapting to the limitations and flaws of a solely technology-centric design.”

Company Values


We offer extensive knowledge on methods and techniques to act in a swift and intuitive manner


We'll act independent of fear or intimidation and value honest, respectful communication at all times. We seek to first understand and then be understood.

Sense of urgency

We are disciplined to organise and execute around priorities that are key to project success.


We strive for customer delight, therefore we will always target customer success.


We seek to truly understand people by withholding judgement and creating a trustful, open environment. We believe this respectful change will fulfil people's hopes and tackle their fears.

Customer centric

We rely on our customers' trust on a daily basis. Achieving customer delight is what we strive for and what will always be a vital part to our culture. Our work and actions will always be targeting customer success.

Projects & Software factory

We build software in a project setting or in a software factory setting. Independent of the actual setting, every software endeavour should take the following steps to deliver value in a controller manner. We can help you with one indiviudual step. However we like to take an end-to-end project responsibility and therefor help you with all required steps.

  • Business envisioning

    During this first phase we will use interview, brainstorm and possibly game-storm techniques to document the business case, the product scope, an order-of-magnitude (unreliable) estimate, and/or other relevant project information. The idea is to do enough investigation to form a rational, justifiable opinion of the overall purpose and feasibility of the potential new system, and decide if it is worthwhile to invest in deeper exploration (the purpose of the inception phase)

  • Inception

    Inception will further elaborate the initial business vision. Our consultants will use methods and techniques that suit the needs of the particular project. When automating administrative processes we document business processes & rules, the domain model of the things that require automating and solution requirements, project constraints and delivery schedule. In case of a mobile solution, screen mockups definitely kick in. After this phase the customer has the information to take an informed "go" or "no go implementation" decision.

  • Construction

    In this phase the requirements from the inception phase are broken-down into functional and technical units-of-work. The units-of-work will flow throw a pre-defined process, actual progress is measured and reported to the customer. The team will adopt agile, lean and other best practices to build quality software in an effective way. Your feedback on the each units-of-work is essential just before actual development. Just after actual development and a swift quality from our side, we will ask to you to test the corresponding software increment. Therefor small software increments are released frequently. This phase will deliver a quality solution in a controlled manner.

  • Transition

    Transition will move your new software into a production environment in a controlled manner. We can assist customers that decide to host the software themselves (DIY) and customers that host the software as a service (SAAS). We will transfer knowledge and documents and help the customer to get started with the new software.

Premium ICT Consultancy

All our consultants are passionate IT professionals who have a profound technical and method knowledge. They seek excellence in everything that they do. Our functional and technical consultants together focus continuously on fine-tuning Jidoka processes and practices to enable Jidoka to deliver results in a repeatable & controlled manner.

Our consultants strives to make real progress every single day by focussing on the challenges that are key to project progress and success.

We recruit consultants who have great communication skills and who can read the politics of the project setting. These qualities are required to unblock difficult situations whenever they would occur.

Project rescue

Requirements Rescue

  • Does you requirements process not deliver complete, correct, unambiguous, consistent and verifiable requirements specifications ?
  • Do you miss all your deadlines because of rework or unforseen development time ?
  • Did you ask for a car and got a bicycle (The Agile Approach) ?

We just love to come to the rescue and help get the project back on track

Architecture rescue

  • Having trouble finding the correct technical solution to solve your problem?
  • Not meeting your non-functional requirements?
  • Burning a lot of money on technical depth?
  • Doing a lot of R & D but getting any value?
  • Want to streamline your technical spikes?
  • Want to have an audit of your existing architecture?

We love to come by and understand the challenges you are facing and try to find a better solution



Use the power of search throughout your business data. Google integrates their business applications offering with their powerfull search. Never was it so easy to find that single document you were looking for.

  • Business email
  • Business calendar
  • Storage
  • An all-in-one suite for communicating, storing and creating


Atlassian Enterprise offers the business critical products, premier support and strategic services you need to get the most out of your Atlassian applications.

  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Hipchat
  • Bitbucket
  • ...


Xamarin (now part of Microsoft) is a technical solution that allows you to write mobile appz for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows using a single language C#.

  • iOS Appz
  • Android Appz
  • Mac Appz
  • Windows Appz

Amazon web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the "Coca Cola" of the infrastructure as a service. Combining their infrastructure power and our skills we can build solutions with a maxim uptime.

  • Amazon S3 - Storage
  • Amazon EC2 - Compute
  • Amazon Route 53 - DNS
  • Amazon VPC - Isolated resources
  • ...

Employee offering

HR philosophy

We are a team of passionate IT professionals. We have a broad set of method and technical skills and also possess good communication skills. We enjoy challenging work in a stimulating atmosphere, even more when it's pushing you outside of your comfort zone. We develop our skills on a continuous basis ... Do you want to join the Jidoka team ? Please send us your resume, so we can meet up and we get to know each other better !

Work is organised according to the principles of "Drive". Your default work setting is autonomous and self-directed. We believe people need autonomy over task (what they do), time (when they do it) and technique (how they do it). Companies that offer autonomy are outperforming their competitors. We will provide you with work that allow you to pursuit mastery. We define mastery as becoming better at something that matters. Mastery is a mindset: It requires the capacity to see your abilities as infinitely improvable. Your work must have a purpose. If your work is not useful for our customer or to ourselves, then we expect you to convince your client of that fact in a respectful manner.

Profile of the ideal employee

We have built an HR approach that is specific for knowledge workers. Knowledge workers are driven by intrinsic motivation. We avoid traditional if-then rewards that can extinguish intrinsic motivation, diminish performance, crush creativity, and crowd out good behaviour.

Career tracks

We offer multiple different career tracks at Jidoka.

In the functional track you normally start with functional analysis, then further take on business analysis and project management. As we do not like to throw requirements over the wall, our analysts have the skills to take up all of mentioned functional roles on a given project.

In the technical track you can take up the role of a generalist developer in Java and/or .Net technology. You can choose to be a very good developer or to further evolve into the role of product specialist or an solution architect.

Knowledge building initiatives

Every co-worker will follow external and internal trainings. Our co-workers have the possibility to attend to IT related events, such as Devoxx, InfoQ or other. All analysts and architects will follow a tailored-made course, to ensure that we adopt an identical approach and speak the same language.

Monthly knowledge sharing evening. Every month, a co-worker presents a technical or a functional topic to the other co-workers. Idea is to present some theory in a condensed manner and then immediately pair up to make a practical exercise. Pairs will present their solutions to others, who will express good parts of the solution and present possible alternatives for other parts of the presented solution.

Remuneration & Profit sharing

Individual performance is rewarded in the individual pay. We ensure that our remuneration is internal and external fair. This means if you have a similar job comparing yourself to a Jidoka co-worker or to an external IT professional, you should have the same global remuneration package.

Organization performance is rewarded via a profit-sharing system. Co-workers are asked to fine-tune Jidoka processes with the intention maximising customer value. Better customer value tends to lead to better profit. We want to share a significant part of Jidoka's profits with those who made good things happen.

Fun building initiatives

We have a yearly company getaway. In our first year (2015) we all went to Ghent. This year all options are open. The Jidoka co-workers make suggestions on a regular basis .... If you join us , you help us pick a new location for this years and following company getaways.

Then the crew went to the great Italian restaurant "laBotte" for a Sicilian lunch. Great food, fine wines and even better conversations concluded the day in the late afternoon .... We also organise company events. The last company event we visited miner's museum "Cmine" in Genk in the morning.

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